RSI breaks language barriers at multilingual events

Cloud-based interpreting platform to connect speakers, interpreters and the audience
Voice and video online feeds between parties
App-based live translation on smartphones and tablets




Supporting events of any scale

  • Conference
  • Forum
  • Summit
  • Convention
  • Shareholder meeting
  • Hearing
  • Seminar
  • Meetup
  • Webinar


We extend your global audience by applying translation to any language of the world

Stage performance

We provide simultaneous translation of audio and video broadcast of your presentation

Panel discussion

We support simultaneous translation in distinct languages spoken by several participants and questions from the audience


All participants receive simultaneous translation regardless of the conference software used

Saving time and money

  1. No more costly equipment
  2. No more daily equipment rent
  3. No more fines for lost or damaged headsets
  4. No more travel or accommodation expenses for interpreters
  5. No more time lost on searching for the right services provider
Ease of use

Get rid of expensive equipment and miles of wiring

Mobility and cost savings

Arrange interpreting in any place and venue. Interpreters can operate remotely from cost effective locations

Multilingual events

Concurrent work of several interpreters. Listeners selects translation to their own language

Listener's device

The audience uses our mobile app for listening to simultaneous interpreting

Speaker's device

All portable and desktop devices are supported

Internet connection

Recommended bandwidth from 5 Mbp

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